White Mountains Dwarfs

Dwarfs, in the ancient kingdoms of the mountains, the cities and fortresses of this ancient race resist steadfast over time.


Wulfland is a cold and wild region at the north of the White Mountains, ruled by ancient gods and traditions, carry the wolf symbols proudly, and magic is still powerful in these lands.


Under the name of Altreich are grouped a series of powerful nations in a prosperous and densely populated region at the south of the White Mountains, with ancient cities and lordships, full of history, but also with young cities that have made Altreich recover its former splendor.


Welcome to BlackChapel miniatures

Welcome to BlackChapel miniatures

Fantasy miniatures for collectors and wargames.

BlackChapel miniatures born in Spain in 2013 by our enthusiasm and passion for miniatures.
We are creating a range of fantasy miniatures, Heroic scale around 30mm. for collectors and wargames, also miniatures in other scales, scenery and busts.
Will present to our partners and friends, showing us illustrations, stories, painted miniatures, etc.