The preview of Elf Spearman

By BlackChapel miniatures
Elf Spearman

The forests Elves are strange quasi symbiotic creatures with a strong territorial instinct, rooted in their dark and ancient forests.
The nature of these creatures is unstable and turbulent capable of the most armonious calm and the angriest violence.
It is this strange and delicate ecosystem cohabit the strangest and terrifying beasts with the most delicate beings.
Such exuberance is also given on the equipment that these carry into battle, axes, machetes, spears, javelins, clubs, blades, etc. They seem to respond to the character and personality of the wearer beyond usefulness of the tool.
The elves spearmen use their spears with extraordinary skill, both offensively and defensively. In experienced hands the length of the weapon and the blade makes it the ideal choice to keep at bay even the most powerful opponents.