Guard of the Unbreakable Shield

On deep recesses of the White Mountains are the immemorial strongholds of the dwarfs, practically hidden from the outside world. Staunchly defended by proud warriors of heavy shields.

White Metal Miniature

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Data sheet

The Guard of the Unbreakable Shield (pack of White Mountains Dwarfs) consists of 6 complete miniatures.

1 x DWM/001     Dwarf prince
1 x DWM/002     Guard of the Ancestors Chamber
1 x DWM/003     Blacksmith
1 x DWM/004     Venerable of the Ancestors Chamber
1 x DWM/005     Warrior with shield
1 x DWM/006     Guard of the Ancestors Chamber
Product details
Material White Metal Miniature
Weight approx. 195 g
Units per pack 6 miniatures

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