Steamheim Engineer

Steamheim is a fortified city built as a defense against attacks from the east, is known for its extraordinary and unorthodox engineers emerged from the largest and most prestigious Engineering school of all mankind.
Steamheim engineers are famous for their unique, deadly and exotic weapons and these artefacts are so dangerous that only the most courageous and daring are able to use them in battle.
Rifles able to hit amazingly distant enemies, thanks to changes in the cannon and the lenses, which allow you to set the target accurately.
Multi-barrel handguns, thundering extraordinary and terrible weapons, devastating in experienced hands.

White Metal Miniature

9,50 €

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Engineer of Steamheim - PAINTED

By BlackChapel miniatures

Finally we present the first version of Engineer Steamheim.
painted by Borja García.

Engineer of Steamheim

This Engineer carries an impressive weapon; the Long Rifle, with an amazing accuracy.

Data sheet

The pack allows to assemble one Steamheim Engineer, includes several assemble options.

Engineer Body
Bald head with mustache Head with hat with feather
Four cannons handgun Long Rifle Rifle support
Product details
Material White Metal Miniature
Pieces 6
Weight approx. 34 g

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