The factions are organized!

Por BlackChapel miniatures
The factions are organized!

Hello everybody, what we bring today are not "new" strictly speaking, we have created new packs of miniatures for the different factions in order to offer a special price.

They are the following:

Armed of Lead and Gold (Pack of Altreich)

Altreich is a powerful and prosperous nation, a conglomerate of territories and diverse peoples, all of this is well reflected in the warbands.

Perhaps the better definition for a warband of Altreich, is the versatility.

Furious Sons of Ulvr (Pack of Wulfland)

North of the White Mountains a cold and wild land where old rites survive under the gaze of the old Gods. An ancient nation, ruled by the warrior traditions preservatives of the legacy of Wulfland.

The furious sons of Ulvr prefer direct combat.

Guard of the Unbreakable Shield (Pack of White Mountains Dwarfs)

On deep recesses of the White Mountains are the immemorial strongholds of the dwarfs, practically hidden from the outside world. Staunchly defended by proud warriors of heavy shields.

We hope you like.